Canadian Rockies Energy Inc. - Serving the Energy Industry
Canadian Rockies Energy Inc. is a Calgary based company 
offering international legal and commercial advisory services to the energy sector companies.
Canadian Rockies Energy Inc. offers following services:
  1. M & A services to Prospective Sellers.
    • Preparing valuation reports, teasers, IMs for assets and entities to be sold.
    • Setting up virtual and physical data rooms and organizing due diligence.
    • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating all necessary contracts.
  2. M & A services to Prospective Buyers.
    • evaluating valuation reports, teasers, IMs for target entities and assets.
    • conducting due diligence in virtual and physical data rooms.
    • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating all necessary contracts. 
  3. Representative services to Canadian companies desiring to invest abroad.
  4. Representative services to foreign companies desiring to invest in Canada.
  5. International Legal and Commercial Advisory services.
    • International energy company counsel services.
    • Drafting, reviewing and negotiations of all types of contracts.
    • Preparing tender packages and managing tender process.
    • Preparing compliance checklists.
    • Preparing petroleum marketing studies.
    • Preparing growth strategies for energy and natural resource companies.
    • Preparing tailor made M & A research reports. 
    • Providing services to Governments for reviewing/ drafting laws and regulations and supporting major international transactions (e.g. transnational pipelines, etc.).
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